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Winners Of $1.4 Billion Lotto: What Now? How To Get Your Money?

Once the initial euphoria wears down and you are “Snoopy Danced” out.  Sorry I have no idea how long that takes.  The moment will come when you have to make some decisions about how to receive your lottery winnings. Everyone seems to assume the winner or winners, (yes brace yourself you are likely going to have share…
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Wednesday Powerball Jackpot Hits $1.4 BILLION

Wisconsin Powerball Sales: More Than $21 Million Worth of Tickets Sold Last Week The Powerball jackpot has hit an all-time high at $1.4 billion for Wednesday night’s drawing, or an estimated  $868 million cash payout. While this is the largest jackpot in U.S. history, weekly Powerball sales in Wisconsin also set a  new record. Last…
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Tips To Win The $1.3 BILLION Powerball Lotto?

A lot of people including those who never play a lottery are asking for tips to win the $1,300,000,000 lottery.  So why are people who have been firm members of the Never Buy a Lottery Ticket Club asking? Because a BILLION DOLLARS is a lot of head turning money no matter the astronomical odds of actually winning…leaving the Never…
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2015 Federal Income Tax Rates for Individuals (989x1280)

2015 And 2016 Federal Income Tax Rate Tables For Individuals

Welcome to Tax Year  2016.  To prepare for the upcoming tax preparation season download these handy PDF Federal Income Tax Rate Tables for Individuals. 2016 Federal Income Tax Rates for Individuals 2016 Federal Tax Digest The 2016 Tax Digest Includes: Income tax rates, deductions, credits. Kiddie tax, child tax credit E education deductions and credits…
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Pension Crisis Is Still Here

I’m sure you’ve heard about the problem our country faces with “Social Security, corporate pensions, state pensions, county pensions, municipal pensions…virtually all defined benefit pensions.” The following abstracts from an industry publication really brought it home to me. OUR COUNTRY’S PENSION CRISIS IN A NUTSHELL – Pension plans that promise a specific benefit in the…
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