What Is The Marital Deduction?

The marital deduction (I.R.C. Sections 2056 and 2523) eliminates both the federal estate and gift tax on transfers of property between spouses, in effect treating them as one economic unit.  The amount of property that can be transferred between them is unlimited, meaning that a spouse can transfer all of his or her property to…
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Paying The Estate Tax Bill

The federal government will not accept a percentage of your estate as payment for your estate tax bill. Instead, your estate tax bill must be paid in cash, and it must be paid within nine months after your death. If your estate is subject to the federal estate tax, there are FOUR ways to provide…
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Study to Financial Literacy

4 Points To Financial Literacy

Four key things to learn and know on your way to financial literacy. The difference between saving and investing: Some people think these are one and the same, but they’re not. The focus in saving is on preserving money that you accumulate over time. Money that is saved is typically “stored” in low-risk vehicles, such as fixed …
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Pension Crisis Is Still Here

I’m sure you’ve heard about the problem our country faces with “Social Security, corporate pensions, state pensions, county pensions, municipal pensions…virtually all defined benefit pensions.” The following abstracts from an industry publication really brought it home to me. OUR COUNTRY’S PENSION CRISIS IN A NUTSHELL – Pension plans that promise a specific benefit in the…
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AP Analysis: More ‘phony Numbers’ In Reports As Stocks Rise

That was a little noticed  headline in an Associated Press story on Monday June 8, by AP business writer Bernard Condon. Subtitled- Growing gap in profits raises concerns about ‘smoke and mirrors’ in earnings reports Even casual observers have noticed the almost uninterrupted climb of the major stock indexes.  Employee’s  quarterly statements, for the most part are…
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