Top 3 Uses For Fixed Annuities

Do you own fixed annuities?

Do you wonder why so many retirees own fixed annuities?

The Top 3 Reasons to Own Annuities

46% own annuities to Supplement Social Security and Pension Income

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Do you receive interest earnings that you’re not using for income? Not only are you paying unnecessary taxes on this money, but those earnings may increase the amount of your taxable Social Security benefit. Repositioning certain assets into a tax-deferred annuity can reduce or eliminate excessive taxes

 34% own annuities to Accumulate Assets for Retirement

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One common way is to move assets into a tax-deferred annuity. This approach works because annuity earnings are excluded from provisional income until withdrawn, reducing provisional income — and taxes due — in the meantime. Remember, the real value of your Social Security benefit isn’t the amount you receive, it’s what remains after taxes.

27% own annuities to Receive Guaranteed  Lifetime Income

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Immediate annuities can offer retirement income for life.