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7 Mistakes Investors Make

Common mistakes made by savers and investors that are best to avoid.

Mistake 1 – Expecting investments to only  go up

  • While buying investments like stocks and bonds for their upside potential, remember that they may go down for periods of time.

Mistake 2 – Following the latest investment trend

  •  Many investors follow the latest trend in hopes of finding higher returns only to discover that they would have been better off sticking with their original long-term plan.

Mistake 3 – Not keeping  safe money, SAFE

  • Becoming focused on chasing returns at the expense of financial security.

Mistake 4 – Believing in stock market celebrities

  • While it is interesting to listen to the recommendations of opinionated stock market celebrities, remember that there is a difference between entertainment and sound financial advice.

Mistake 5 – Betting on one investment

  • When investing too much money on one investment, that’s called betting, not investing. Smart investors follow time-tested principles like diversification.

Mistake 6 – Ignoring the impact of inflation

  • While it is easy to ignore inflation when it is as low as it is today, that simple mistake could seriously affect buying power in the long run.

Mistake 7 – Doing nothing in uncertain times

  • When times are uncertain, it is easy not to make any decisions. Yet uncertain times often present the most profitable opportunities to investors who pay attention and act decisively.

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