Financial advisers wonder what to do.

Financial Collaboration Or Dictation?

Collaborate or Dictate? Which type of advisor do you prefer?

When the market failed the blame game started.  Workers were laid off and they blamed their employers. The government blamed the big banks.  Citizens blamed the government.

And clients blamed their financial advisors.  After all wasn’t it the advisor who laid out the financial plan that was suppose to provide the retiree a solid foundation? In many cases yes.  In other cases it depends.

There are basically 2 methods of retirement planning;


  • Some advisors dictate all of the investments their clients buy.  In some cases the advisor has personal preferences, the things they like and feel good about. Or they simply use their company’s computer models to make recommendations.  Usually these recommendations are based on set preconceived personality and risk tolerance assessments.  The client is then “type cast” into a certain group and instructed what to buy based on the group.


  • These are advisors who operate more like coaches and work in collaboration with their clients to make decisions.  They present a variety of concepts for the client and avoid “type casting” them into certain risk tolerant groups.   In this method the client is making the decision about what is best in their situation at any given point in their life.
  • In this model retirees are free seek the advice and do business with more than one planner.

Which advisor model are you more comfortable with?