Catus Snow 2

Snow In Arizona?!

Last night large sections of Arizona received significant snowfall.  What the heck?  My Arizona clients were expressing at the start of our conversations this morning; some used a slightly stronger version of that expression.  After all, we should feel sympathy for those who pulled up their Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota roots choosing to move to Arizona in order to enjoy their endless sunny days of retirement.

Here is a news video from an Arizona news station.

The definition of “significant snow” differs by region. Arizonians apparently define it as .30 to 1.26 inches.

When many of us are feeling the pangs of spring fever while staring at snow outside our doors measured in feet rather than inches and the wind howling out a sub-zero windchill…

How much sympathy do you feel?

Do you know anyone in Arizona?  What will say to them?

Anyway, try and be polite when you speak with your friends in Arizona.