Mariska AKA Houdini Horse video

Freedom Horse And Retirement

The horse (Mariska) in this video has been dubbed “Houdini Horse”. What’s not like about a horse or anyone else’s desire for freedom?

The lust for freedom is a natural yearning programmed right into the core of our DNA. Over time life experiences such as raising a family and career may have dulled this desire. However, I don’t think the desire to be free and do what you want on your own schedule ever goes away.

When I am asked “What is number one motivation to retire?” The soon to be retirees I work with express a desire to get off the treadmill, stop producing for someone else, travel when they want or to simply reassert control of their daily schedule. Everyone who works has a vision of their perfect retirement which almost always includes maximum personal freedom.

Apparently Mariska A.K.A. Houdini Horse not only wants personal freedom she wants freedom for all her companion horses as well.

The market crashes and low interest rates during the last decade have put serious crimps in many retirees’ personal retirement freedom. Some have had to work part time jobs others have had to cut back their spending in order to keep the household budget balanced, crimps to retirement freedom.

Unfortunately many financial planners are still using outdated retirement income models from the 90’s and because these models do not work in the “new normal” they are exposing their client’s retirement freedom to unnecessary risk. As I have written in several posts it does not have to be this way. The tools are available to help retirees maintain retirement freedom.

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