Important Documents

Where Do You Keep Your Important Documents?

Where should I keep my important papers?  This is an important frequently asked question.  So as you organize your affairs in the coming New Year here are some time tested suggestions.

You should keep the following documents in a secure location in your home:
•Copies of wills and trusts
•Copies of living wills and powers of attorneys
•Insurance policies
•Income tax returns

These documents are best kept in a bank safety deposit box:
•Original wills, trusts and powers of attorney
•Marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates
•Deeds and car titles
•Military discharge papers
•Any stock or bond certificates
•Citizenship papers

Consider giving these items to your attorney, executor and/or spouse:
•Living will/medical power of attorney (original should be given to the agent named in the document)
•Copies of wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney
•Inventory of insurance and investments
•List of professional advisers (attorney, accountant, insurance agent, etc.)
•Safety deposit box access information
•Funeral instructions

For help you may ask questions in the comments or contact me privately here:

Tim Barton Chartered Financial Consultant