Fishing has gotten more high tech since we started way back when

New Mobile App Predicts Fishing Hot Spots & Time

UPDATED 7/5/12 09:40

Fishing has gotten more high tech since we started way back when


How many times have you taken a fishing trip with high expectations dancing in your mind?  Picturing yourself enjoying all those wonderful shore lunches and bags of fillets filling your freezer—then after returning to shore time and time again you hear “you should have been here last week the fish were practically jumping in the boat”.  Well that may just be a thing of past. 


Strategic Fishing Systems of Madison, Wisconsin won the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest.  

 “Strategic Fishing Systems won the IT category with a plan that is very software intensive – the notion of using geographic info systems and mobile apps to chart where the fish are at any given time is going to require some pretty sophisticated software,” said Tom Still, president of the council, which runs the contest.  Quote JS Online


Strategic Fishing System has a patent pending for its software and mobile app that uses geographic information and mathematical formulas incorporating fish biology, the time of year, sun exposure, aquatic vegetation, and bottom structure.

Apparently you will now be able to upload the data of your favorite lakes, compare the fishing predictions, choose and travel off to the lake assured the fish will be biting.  Amazing if it works as advertised.

Brian Haymart, Dan Reed and Ryan Rist started Strategic Fishing Systems in 2007.  They also received an undisclosed amount of cash as venture capital from investors who follow this contest.

Will fishermen purchase and use  this program?

Will this make fishing guides more reliable or eliminate the need to hire a fishing guide?