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Memorial Day A Time To Pause And Appreciate

In the busy race of everyday life we sometimes forget why we have a long holiday weekend and its purpose.

Of course we all know Memorial Day is to honor fallen servicemen and women, it is they who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy.

Heart of a Ranger captures the essence of duty and sacrifice so others may live freely.

 Heart of A Ranger posted by Michael Yon

They say old Soldiers never die.  In the case of Corporal Benjamin Kopp, this is turning out to be true in many ways.

Ben was shot and killed during combat operations in Afghanistan.  He was an organ donor, and his sacrifices continued.  His heart was given to a family friend named Judy Meikle, who was 57 years old.  The transplant was successful.  Ben’s mom is Jill Stephenson.  Jill is a strong woman and herself an inspiration.  Yesterday, Jill Stephenson published:

“I want to wish a special Happy Birthday to Judy Meikle today. In case you don’t know, Judy is the recipient of my wonderful son Ben Kopp’s big strong Ranger heart. Judy received Ben’s heart almost three years ago and today celebrates turning 60!! I am blessed to know her and call her a friend. She is breathing proof of what the gift of life means when we think not just of ourselves when we die. Ben lives on her beating heart. Happy, happy day to you, Ms. Judy. Love you~”

And so Ben’s heart beats on, inspiring more people with every passing day.

This story symbolizes all the heroes we so cherish, respect and dearly miss.  Memorial Day is a time to pause, reflect and offer a thankful prayer of appreciation.